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DNA sequencing to help save California’s plants and animals

In a dark, deep, and humid redwood forest, Max Genetti scans a trail for slime. His career: Banana slugs, small but important contributors to the new California Conservation Genomics Projectan ambitious effort to find, catch, and genetically decode approximately 250 of the state’s most special species. In the glow of a predawn headlamp, “you can […]

Hourly New Orleans winter weather updates


Bacterial biofilms use a developmental structuring mechanism observed in plants and animals

In recent years, research from the lab of biologist Gürol Süel at the University of California, San Diego has uncovered a series of remarkable features exhibited by clusters of bacteria that live together in communities known as biofilms. Biofilms are prevalent in the living world, inhabiting sewer pipes, kitchen counters, and even the surface of […]

The most beautiful plants and animals of the Philippines

No matter what time of year you visit the Philippines, its unique flora and fauna will undoubtedly fascinate you. The plants and animals of the Philippines are so rich in biodiversity. In fact, it has a staggering 52,177 species. Which includes a significant number of endemic species. While Europe experiences short and cold days, the […]

Victoria’s once-common plants and animals are in serious decline

Victoria’s native animals and natural landscapes are in a state of serious decline, as population growth and land clearance put ecosystems under pressure and climate change causes more extreme natural disasters such as bushfires. An extended state government inquiry into the health of Victoria’s environment found that the clearing of native vegetation and the creep […]

The Weather Network – Plants and animals found living on giant plastic island

Thursday, December 2, 2021, 3:30 p.m. – There is a lot of plastic in the ocean – with about 14 million tons entering the waterways each year. In the North Pacific lies a giant trash patch made of plastic waste. The floating island weighs around 80,000 tonnes and covers an estimated area of ​​1.6 million […]

How heat waves distort ecosystems

Bleached kelp on San Juan Island, Washington during this summer’s heat dome. (Courtesy of Robin Fales) During this summer sweltering heat wave, Robin Fales patrolled the same stretch of shoreline on Washington’s San Juan Island every day at low tide. The stench of decaying sea life increased as temperatures hit triple digits – around 30 […]

How many Minnesota plants and animals can survive in small pockets of old growth forests?

Minnesota’s great lime and sugar maple forests have been cut into smaller and smaller pockets over the past 150 years. The “Big Woods” that once ruled the state are long gone, divided into hundreds of parks and reserves. There are still vestiges of the old forest that have never been mined, or at least have […]

5 Ways Climate Change Will Affect Plants and Animals • The Revealer

Warming temperatures, stronger storms and rising seas present a cascade of challenges that researchers are working to understand. Scientists have reminded us once again that when it comes to climate change, we are all in this together. A to study published last month in Natural climate change concluded that at least 85% of the world’s […]

Move or Change: How Plants and Animals Try to Survive in a Warming World

Image credit: Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals Media When it comes to climate change, nature hasn’t had the luxury of waiting for dragging politicians, evasive corporations or science deniers. Countless species are already on the move. “Just as the planet is changing faster than expected, so are the plants and animals that inhabit it,” writes the biologist […]

Species richness keeps ecosystems functioning

Sunbirds are very important in an ecosystem because they pollinate flowers. Credit: Maximilian Vollstädt Micro-organisms, plants and animals perform great feats every day. For example, by breaking down materials, producing plant biomass or pollinating flowers, they keep nature “in working order”, thereby ensuring human sustenance. Many studies have shown that high biodiversity can have a […]

Action needed to save Australia’s plants and animals • Earth.com

A new study, conducted with the support of eight universities and seven Australian environmental organizations, has identified the continent’s most endangered plants and animals. This is the most comprehensive nationwide dataset describing threats to Australia’s flora and fauna. Researchers have identified 1,339 species of plants and 456 species of animals that are listed as threatened […]

Grim warning for Australia’s most endangered plants and animals

Aerial view of deforestation in Daly River, Northern Territory in 2008. Credit: Julian Murphy / WWF-Aus The first comprehensive list of threats to Australia’s most endangered plants and animals reveals brutal news about the future of some of the country’s favorite species. The study led by the University of Queensland compiled a dataset, listing threats […]

Plants and animals depend on the same chemicals for their growth • Earth.com

A new study published in the journal Science discovered that plant roots and animal embryos depend on the same chemicals for successful development. Although the animal tissue-generating abilities of a group of chemical compounds called retinoids are already well known, it was only recently that scientists discovered that they also regulate the development of lateral […]

How light pollution disorients ecosystems

Living things depend on the daily cycle of light and dark which governs behaviors such as reproduction, sleep and migration Looking at the night sky, stars and other astronomical objects is an absolute delight. Who can forget the synchronized movement of fireflies on a dark night? While these phenomena can still be observed in rural […]

The behavior of organisms can stabilize and diversify ecosystems

August 13, 2021Reviewed by Alex Smith Herds of wildebeest, schools of herring and various other groups of organisms that live together are not only visually stunning, but capable of supporting complex ecosystems for life, according to a new study by researchers at Oregon State University. maintain diversity and stability. Blue rockfish. Image credit: Oregon State […]

Pest plants and animals cost Australia around $25bn a year – and it’s going to get worse

Unfortunately, Australia has one of the highest extinction rates in the world. And the number one threat to our species is invasive or “alien” plants and animals. But invasive species not only cause extinctions and loss of biodiversity, they also create a heavy economic burden. Our to research, published today, reveals that invasive species have […]

How to Avoid Harming New Zealand’s Various Native Plants and Animals

Credit: Snappy Goat/Flickr New Zealand’s native biodiversity is unique and complex, and it is in decline and under threat. Individuals and businesses are often unsure of what they should or should not do to help maintain it. A new paper in the New Zealand Journal of Ecology sets out comprehensive and concise criteria to provide […]

Silk Road also brought plants and animals

The Ancient Silk Road was an important route for transporting Chinese silk, tea, and porcelain to other countries around 2,000 years ago. An abundance of animals and plants were also introduced from the West, enriching the lives of the Chinese people in ancient times. Foreign envoys brought their local animals and plants as gifts to […]

Better predict how plants and animals will withstand climatic extremes

A team of scientists have developed a more accurate way to predict the effects of climate change on plants and animals, and whether some will survive. Frequently, environmentalists assess an organism’s fitness for climate by quantifying its functional traits. Trees and other organisms facing the flow of air or water will experience forces that could […]

Leading Scientists Support Need To Consider Biomechanics – ScienceDaily

A team of scientists have developed a more accurate way to predict the effects of climate change on plants and animals, and whether some will survive. Frequently, environmentalists assess an organism’s fitness for climate by quantifying its functional traits. “These are physical properties that you can measure – the height, the diameter, the thickness of […]

Better predict how plants and animals

image: Trees and other organisms facing air or water flow will experience forces that could bend, break, or dislodge them. By understanding the variables that help resist these forces, as well as air or water speeds, scientists can use an ecomechanical model to make predictions about survival. see Following Credit: (Tim Higham / UCR) A […]

New research shows Neanderthals in Siberia ate both plants and animals

Domingo Carlos Salazar and partner. Credit: RUVID Association Neanderthals, extinct cousins ​​of modern humans, occupied Western Eurasia before becoming extinct and although they were once thought to travel as far east as Uzbekistan, in recent years a team international research with the participation of the University of Valencia found that they reach two thousand kilometers. […]

Pest plants and animals leave a chilling $1.7 trillion bill

These species can threaten the health of plants and animals, including humans. And they cause enormous economic damage. They are one of the most harmful environmental forces on earth. They have colonized just about every place humans have set foot on the planet. Yet you may not even know they exist. We are talking about […]

How plants and animals steal genes from other species to speed up evolution

Grassland in Uganda. Credit: Luke Dunning, author provided little did biologist Gregor Mendel know that his experiments with sweet peas in the garden of a monastery in Brno, Czech Republic, will lay the foundation for our understanding of modern genetics and heredity. His work in the 19th century helped scientists establish that parents transmit their […]

David Suzuki: Are we being too hard on newly arrived plants and animals?

Thanks to warming climates and habitat destruction, ‘invasive species’ narratives have begun to shift JMrocek/iStock/Getty Images Plus Feral pigs are considered an invasive species in Ontario. As human activity continues to heat the planet and destroy wildlife habitat, plants and animals are responding based on their genetic makeup and ability to adapt to changed environments. […]

Pest plants and animals leave a $1.7 trillion bill

Credit: Shutterstock They are one of the most harmful environmental forces on earth. They have colonized just about every place humans have set foot on the planet. Yet you may not even know they exist. We are talking about exotic species. Not little green aliens, but invasive plants and animals not native to an ecosystem […]

As the planet warms, tropical plants and animals are moving north

As the Earth’s climate changes, a significant number of plant and animal species are moving to new places, which is equivalent to what researchers in 2017 called “a universal redistribution of life on Earth.” A new review article in the journal Biology of global change looks at the northward march of a variety of tropical […]

“Wind, Sun, Plants and Animals”: ​​The Spiritual Life of Richard Riseling

By Lauren Yanks ’19 M.Div. Born in 1940 in a rural town in Illinois, Richard Riseling spent much of his youth gardening, playing sports and making music. “My parents loved all kinds of music,” the Yale College and YDS alum recalled. “Our house was filled with instruments. My five siblings and I all learned to […]

To save endangered plants and animals, restore habitat on farms, ranches and other working lands

The research summary is a brief overview of interesting scholarly work. The big idea According to a recently published study conducted by a team of environmental scientists including us. Our analysis revealed that this can be done in a way that minimize trade-offs and might even make farms more productive helping to control pests, improving […]

Elasticity is the key to the ability of plants and animals to sting – sciencedaily

Kaare Hartvig Jensen and his colleagues at DTU Physics have had repeated experiences where the small glass pipettes they use to extract fluid from plant cells have broken upon contact with the cell wall. This annoyed researchers and sparked their interest in similar sharp objects in nature that do not break when used. This includes […]

When it comes to climate, plants and animals are not so different | NSF

Research News When it comes to climate, plants and animals are not that different Plants, animals remarkably similar in their responses to changing environmental conditions Tropical plants, animal species, like this leaf frog, live in a narrower range than temperate species March 26, 2020 Despite fundamental differences in their biology, plants and animals are strikingly […]

Plants and animals are not so different when it comes to climate

By Daniel Stolte, University Communications March 24, 2020 A Mexican leaf frog, photographed near Alamos, Mexico. Plant and animal species from the tropics, like this frog, have been found to occur in a narrower temperature range than temperate species, which may make tropical species much more vulnerable to climate change. (Photo: John J. Wiens) Despite […]