Tampa flights face weather delays and cancellations

Airport officials say they expect 80,000 travelers this weekend.

TAMPA, Fla. — Bad weather mixed with one of the busiest spring break weekends is not doing well for some travelers at Tampa International Airport (TPA).

Around 4:15 p.m. Friday, airport officials told us they had already seen 52 cancellations (about 10% of total Friday flights) and 152 delays (about 30% of Friday flights). They say weather issues north of the Bay Area were to blame.

Keep in mind this is all happening on one of the busiest spring break weekends for TPA, as well as the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament being held at Amalie Arena in downtown Tampa.

Airport officials tell us they are expecting 80,000 travelers on Saturday and Sunday.

We’ve spoken to some people who say they’ve already been waiting for hours and don’t know when they’ll be leaving.

“We were ready to leave for the airport, and we found out an hour late, and we were halfway there and we found out another hour…so now we’re two hours late,” said one passenger while waiting for her flight.

If you leave on Saturday, you might find yourself in a similar position.

An airport spokesperson said they expected further cancellations and delays, as well as inclement weather expected in the area.