Telangana Among Top 100 Emerging Startup Ecosystems in the World: Global Startup Ecosystem Report | Hyderabad News

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HYDERABAD: India’s Startup State Telangana was listed among the top 100 emerging startup ecosystems in the world, maintaining its position in the ranks 61-70 category but falling behind Chennai and Pune in the 10th edition of the Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) 2022 which was released recently.
Last year Hyderabad featured in the rankings, scoring in the 61-70 ranks with Mumbai, Pune and Chennai, but this year the city has been replaced by Telangana, albeit in the same ranking bracket as last year. .
However, Telangana’s startup ecosystem was among the top 10 in the global affordable talent ecosystem and the Asian funding ecosystem, while it was in the top 15 in terms of the global Bang for Buck ecosystem. , according to the report.
While Telangana scored higher than Chennai and Pune in terms of funding and market reach, it lags behind in terms of performance, talent and experience.
Telangana IT sector records 13% growth rate in 2021
The state also scored higher than Mumbai and Delhi in finance and market reach, but scored the same as Bengaluru in finance while scoring higher in market reach. market.
According to the report, Telangana saw total seed funding of $273 million in H22019-2021 compared to the global average of $687 million, and the value of its ecosystem during the period. amounted to approximately $4.8 billion compared to the worldwide value. average of $28.6 billion.
In contrast, Bengaluru, which was the only Indian city in the top 30 last year and improved its ranking to 22nd place this year, saw total seed funding of $2.1 billion during the same period and the value of its ecosystem was $105 billion.
Bengaluru and Delhi were the two Indian cities to feature in the top 30 of GSER 2022, while Mumbai improved its ranking to climb into the top 40 at 36th, where it tied with global hubs like Hangzhau, Melbourne , Montreal and Munich. .
“Like Silicon Valley in the US, Bangalore is no longer the only game in town. Six of the seven Indian ecosystems tracked by GSER – including Chennai, Pune, Telangana and Kerala – have climbed the rankings, benefiting from a dispersal of the tech economy.. Delhi and Mumbai joined Bangalore in the top 40. Overall, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi gained nearly 10 ranks each,” the report said.
“Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Telangana’s IT sector recorded a growth rate of 13% in 2021, compared to a national rate of 8%,” the report added.


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