The Verge editor joins Google’s Platforms & Ecosystems team

Google has hired The Verge editor Dieter Bohn for its Android and Chrome division.

Bohn posted his final notes on The Verge’s website, saying he was joining Google to “work on the Platforms & Ecosystems team.” The exact role is still unknown.

“I’m excited to help shape the future of software platforms like Android and Chrome — and to continue working on the connection between technology and culture, just in a different way,” Bohn said in his farewell message.

Hiroshi Lockheimer leads Google’s SVP platforms and ecosystems including Android, Chrome, Chrome OS & Play, Comms, Photos. The team now has Dieter Bohn as a new member, hoping to expand Google’s operating systems and consumer products.

Bohn has been part of The Verge’s editorial team since the website launched in 2011. While on The Verge’s editorial team, Bohn covered Android and the mobile landscape and also reviewed all products Google. Now he’s quitting publishing to join Google and follow his passion in a new way.

Bohn is warmly welcomed by Google executives

Since the news broke, some Google executives, including Vice President of Hardware Rick Osterloh and Vice President of Workspace Javier Soltero, have welcomed Bohn, saying they’re happy to have him in the company. team. Bohn previously interviewed the two in The Verge.

“We founded The Verge with big ideas about how to do tech journalism differently. We started from the thesis that technology, especially consumer technology, creates culture. It seemed like a really big idea at the time, but it turned out to be bigger than even we could have imagined. said Bohn.

A few days ago, Google also reported the hiring of a former Spotify executive, Paul Smith, to work on YouTube Music. Smith has been Spotify’s global head of international licensing since February 2017. He is now expected to expand YouTube Music into Asia-Pacific (APAC).