Top 8 African cities with the most developed startup ecosystems

According to data from the report, results in Africa and the Middle East were less positive, with the number of cities representing the region down to 57 from 74 cities last year. Africa, however, managed to place one city, Lagos, in the top 100 in the world, making it the only African city to ever achieve this rank.

Below are the top 8 African cities with the most developed startup ecosystems according to StartupBlink

According to the report, Lagos jumped 41 places to 81st in the world and is the first African city to enter the top 100. Lagos is ranked 24th globally in the Foodtech industry and 43rd in E-commerce and retail. detail. Lagos’ achievement in Foodtech is to be celebrated as Lagos is the only African city to reach the top 30 for all 11 industries.

2. Cape Town, South Africa

1st at the national level, Cape Town lost two places to 147th in the world but moved up to 2nd place among African cities to the detriment of Nairobi.

3. Johannesburg, South Africa

Although losing six places to 158th in the world, Johannesburg ranks 2nd nationally and climbs to 3rd position in Africa, also benefiting from the decline of Nairobi.

The only city ranked in the top 1000, the Egyptian capital of Cairo, jumped 20 places to rank 160th globally and 4th in Africa, with a slight lead over Nairobi (5th) and a small gap over Johannesburg ( 3rd). Alexandria dropped out of the world’s top 1000 this year, leaving Cairo the only ranked city in Egypt. Cairo is ranked 89th in the transport industry.

The city of Nairobi is not in the top 150 in the world and has fallen 27 places to 163rd, but still ranks 1st in East Africa. Nairobi, which ranked 1st in Africa in 2020, fell three positions to rank 5th in Africa, now preceded by Lagos and Capetown, Johannesburg and Cairo.

Accra, the only city in Ghana to feature in the global top 1000, fell 15 positions to rank 296, still in the top 300. Accra is ranked 6th in Africa and 2nd in West Africa

Casablanca maintained its growth momentum from 2021 and improved another 39 places to rank 325th in the world. Casablanca is now 7th in Africa and 2nd in North Africa, ahead of Tunis.

The only ranked city in Rwanda is Kigali, which fell 130 places to rank 395th. Kigali ranks 8th in Africa and 2nd in East Africa, where it has a reasonable gap to its closest contenders, Kampala and Addis Ababa.