UK set to be WARMER than Costa Brava as 16C temperatures last into weekend

UK SET for hot, dry weather over the next few days and over the weekend as temperatures rise to 16C.

There are still cold starts for the day ahead and scattered rain but a big high pressure sweep but looking further ahead it could be a hot spring.

Meteorologist Jim Dale reportedly said it could reach 28C by mid-April.

For this week, BBC Weather’s Tomasz Schafernaker says it will be all sunshine and dry weather.

“In the south, where the winds will be light, temperatures will be around the mid-1920s. Then on Thursday and Friday the high moves in across the UK, making it a big high spreading out from Eastern Europe. east to the far reaches of Ireland, so a lot of stable weather,” Mr Schafernaker said.

“You can see the winds blowing around the anticyclone here. The northern and western parts of the country right in the middle of this anticyclone where the weather will be the sunniest, the winds will be the lightest and, therefore, will have the lowest temperatures. higher around 15°C or 16C.

“And this high pressure is expected to persist Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well, although it will be a little windy at times.”

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  • Rising temperatures

    Today, temperatures will climb to 19°C.

    Temperatures will remain in the high teens for St. Patrick’s Day Thursday and the weekend.

    It comes after Brits flocked to the beaches this weekend ahead of the hot week.

    They traveled to the coast of Dorset, Cornwall and other parts of the UK as temperatures soared into the teens.

  • UK coasts should expect wet and windy weather

    Although most of us enjoy sunny weather and mild temperatures, it’s not quite the same for our coasts.

    Strong winds are expected on most coasts, bringing with them lots of rain.

    The next two days will bring showers to the northeast and gales will likely be accompanied by lighter winds at times.

  • Saharan dust cloud could hit Britain today

    The BRITS are expected to be battered by high winds which could bring orange Saharan dust from across the continent.

    Gusty gales will hit huge swathes of the UK from Storm Celia today and could turn skies orange.

    Carol Kirkwood yesterday warned BBC Breakfast viewers that dust could reach the UK as early as tomorrow after orange clouds lit up Spanish skies.

    The forecaster told BBC Breakfast on Tuesday: “Look at the orange sky, it’s Saharan dust.

    “These photos taken by some of our viewers yesterday in Alicante are quite spectacular. And the reason why this happened is because of storm Celia.

    “There has been very poor air quality today in parts of Spain, and this could well affect us on Wednesday in the South East and East Anglia.

    “So if you wake up on Wednesday and your car is covered in orange dust, you know where it came from and why.”

  • The clocks are due to change next week

    Twice a year we turn the clocks back – once forward and once back.

    Many are caught off guard by the changing clocks in which we “gain” an hour or “lose” an hour.

    This year, on March 27 at 1am, the clocks will move forward and we will officially use BST (British Summer Time).

    It’s unclear whether former US President Benjamin Franklin or British builder William Willett came up with the original idea for the time change as we know it.

    Willett created a pamphlet in 1907 named Waste of daylight in which he describes how it would work and that we would have more daylight in the spring and summer and it should be reversed in the fall.

  • Met Office ‘4cast’ for Wednesday

  • The rain will clear later this week

    The rain is expected to clear on Thursday as a warm front moves up from the south bringing sunny spells and temperatures of 14-15C.

    Friday will get off to a cold start but it will be a dry day across the UK as temperatures rise again to 16C and possibly 17C in the South East.