Visitors react to Monday’s rains in San Diego

SAN DIEGO — On Monday there were some surprise rains in the San Diego area, especially for Spring Break which is just beginning its travels.

“We checked the weather, we cried a little and then we came anyway,” said Laurie Lallatin, whose family was visiting from Washington.

Matt Hansel took the Amtrak from Chicago and arrived just in time for the rain.

“From LA to San Diego, it was raining all the time,” he said. “It was cloudy, the windows were all battered with rain, so it’s hard to see anything.”

The worst came in the early afternoon, when a heavy downpour caused heavy traffic and caught people off guard.

“Something that should have taken us about an hour and a half ended up taking two hours and 15 minutes,” Sarah Hall said of her drive on I-15 South.

This downpour did not last too long. Looking around Del Mar or La Jolla, blue skies could be seen once again, along with many people enjoying their spring break and rain break.

“I knew it was going to be a little cooler, but it was 20 degrees when I left Chicago this morning, so that’s fabulous,” Laura Hansssel said.