Weather Blog – Record heat then cold front

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Put on the sunscreen and get ready for a record breaking day. The record is 95° back to this date in 1954. We will probably beat it with our predicted maximum of 96°. We tied the record yesterday, and Tuesday could be warmer than today.

And, we need rain! The KC area has been excessively dry this summer and it’s not ending as fall approaches:

Precipitation since July 1

There is a chance of rain Wednesday evening and Thursday. However, the setup doesn’t look great for anything significant that will reduce this rainfall deficit.

It’s still technically summer and it’s going to be very hot for the next two days. A fall cold front will approach and move by Thursday, which happens to be the first day of fall.

Development of the cold front

Development of the cold front

The cold front will develop later today and tonight as it forms and crosses the Canada-US border in northern Montana later this afternoon.

And, Wednesday morning, the front will be on our doorstep, as shown below:

Autumn cold front

Autumn cold front

The record temperatures will occur before this cold front, then we will have a sharp drop in temperature from Wednesday to Thursday.

Hurricane Fiona completely destroyed Puerto Rico yesterday as it moved very slowly:

Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona

Puerto Rico probably just suffered another disaster. Electricity is out and flooding is likely extreme.

Hurricane Fiona will turn north, intensify into what could be our first major hurricane of the season, then track northeast by the weekend.

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Today: Fairly sunny with a light breeze from the south. High: 96° (the record is 95° in 1954)
  • Tonight: Staying warm with a dip in the mid-70s.
  • Tuesday: Sunny, warm and humid with southwesterly winds 10-15 mph. High: 97° (another record)
  • Wednesday: Warm start to mid 70s. Expect an increase in cloudiness with the wind shifting to the northwest and becoming gusty. The temperature drops from the 80s to the 60s later in the day.

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