Weather for jumping in puddles this week – KION546

Expect active weather to continue into next week. Don’t worry, though, we’ll give you a break on Monday and start with mild, seasonal weather. This will give you a day to prepare for the rain which arrives on Tuesday. Honestly, Tuesday’s system doesn’t look very strong, but we will see some light rain from Monterey Bay to the north. Our southern valleys are likely to be dry and wet at best. Wednesday will be another rainless day, but it will return Thursday and then could persist into Friday. This system feels a bit stronger and windier. After that, expect a good weekend.


Monday: Mostly sunny with rising clouds late. Seasonal to slightly cool with highs in the 60s on the coast and 60s-70s inland. Windy for the interior valleys in the afternoon.

Overnight: Increasingly overcast skies with possible drizzle in coastal Santa Cruz County in the hours after sunset. Shower activity will resume and become widespread throughout the region at sunrise. Low between 40 and 50 on the coast, mid 40s inland.

Tuesday: Light rain in the morning, mainly from the north, then becoming partly cloudy. Mild, with highs mostly in the 60s. A few southern valleys take a trip into the low 70s. Windy for the interior valleys in the afternoon.

Expanded: A third weather system approaches late Wednesday through Thursday. This storm seems to pack more punch when it comes to rain and wind. Still, it won’t be a strong storm by winter standards. A few showers could persist on Friday, but we are going to have a good weekend.

————————————————– ————————
Normal temperatures this week:

LOW: 47ºF
HIGH: 66ºF

LOW: 43ºF
HIGH: 72ºF

————————————————– ————————–
-The Climate Prediction Center’s outlook for April 25and – May 1st calls for the likelihood of ABOVE normal temperatures and BELOW normal rainfall.
– El Niño/La Niña STATUS: La Niña Notice

– Forecast for the summer: Weak La Niña

– State of dryness of the area: “Severe Drought” for most of the viewing area with the easternmost fringes of Santa Benito and the southeast corner of Monterey County in “Extreme Drought”.