Will it snow in the Northeast? Latest weather forecast for region as Met Office warns of ‘winter showers’

With the weather cooling across the country, thoughts may turn to snow.

Freezing conditions would pave the way for snowfall that would have blasted parts of the UK towards the end of the month.

Snow is forecast to appear briefly in Scotland before moving south towards northern England and the weather is sure to be freezing this week.

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The Met Office has warned there will be a ‘strange winter downpour’ along the coast on Wednesday, meaning parts of the region could get a dose of rain, sleet and snow.

Despite the frosty showers, Wednesday will be mostly dry and sunny with a maximum temperature of 7°C but it will still be cold especially in the “bright northerly winds”.

Looking ahead to the rest of the week, Thursday in the northeast will have a frosty start and it will be cold but sunny throughout the day.

Although the winds are easing, frost may develop overnight, before temperatures recover slightly on Friday.

It will then feel windy with variable cloudy and sunny periods Friday and Saturday in the region.

Northeast weather


Early clouds and rain soon dissipating to the south. Then mostly dry and sunny, but feeling cold especially in the brisk northerly winds. Perhaps the odd winter downpour along the coast. Maximum temperature 7°C.

Outlook from Thursday to Saturday:

Freezing start on Thursday, then cold and sunny although the winds ease. A few possible frosts overnight, before temperatures recover slightly through Friday. Windy with shifting clouds and sunny spells Friday and Saturday.

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